Know the Basics of Saving and Investing To Achieve Your Financial Goals

Do you struggle to pay your bills every month? Does it sometimes feel like you’re never going to earn enough money to save anything? Has your goal of financial freedom remained elusive through the years? Knowing and understanding the fundamentals of saving and...[Read More]

What Does Protecting Your Family Entail?

Protecting one’s family is a vital aspect of parenting, and every parent has their own unique ideas about what it means to keep their loved ones safe. As a parent, you feel the need to protect and keep your children safe, especially in the early stages of their...[Read More]

Scheme to tackle youth homelessness gets $90m boost

More than $90 million will be injected into a program aimed at breaking the cycle of homelessness. The federal government funding, which will keep the existing nationwide program in operation, coincides with the official homelessness data collected during the last...[Read More]

Ways to Make Your Own Luck With Money This St. Patrick’s Day

Contrary to popular belief, there is no fabled pot of gold sitting and waiting for you to come and claim it at the end of the rainbow. Unless you’ve won the lottery or you have a trust fund, it’s doubtful that you’ll make money through luck without any actual...[Read More]

It’s not easy being the executor of an estate

Being appointed as the executor of an estate is a significant responsibility that requires careful consideration. While it may be an honour to be entrusted with this important role by a loved one, the reality is that estates can be quite complex. Acting as an executor...[Read More]

Tourists escape to the country as budgets tighten

When the beach house breaks the budget, a sea of cabanas blocks the ocean views and the sunburn stings: that’s when the countryside comes calling. Albury, a NSW regional city on the banks of the Murray River, has been named Town of the Year, as Australians...[Read More]

What the first Status of Women Report Card reveals

The first annual Status of Women Report Card was released by the federal government on Wednesday to help track the progress of gender equality in Australia. Data was gathered from a range of sources with the aim of providing a picture of life for women in Australia in...[Read More]

5 Ways to Build Up and Protect Your Finances

People strive hard to accomplish a variety of goals during their lifetime, although there’s nothing more significant than being able to spend quality time in the company of family, friends and loved ones. Indeed, investing in relationships gives depth and meaning to...[Read More]

Push for paid parental leave reform to benefit families

A parent advocacy body is calling for the federal government to reform paid parental leave and scale it up towards a full year between carers. The Parenthood chief executive Georgie Dent appeared before a parliamentary inquiry into the scheme on Monday to outline key...[Read More]

New device able to detect cancer cells without surgery

Sydney researchers have developed a new device that can detect cancer cells from blood samples, allowing patients to avoid invasive biopsy surgery. Cancer is a leading cause of illness and death in Australia, with more than 150,000 around the country every year. People...[Read More]

8 Things Good Parents Do for Their Children

People know the importance of good parenting, but what makes model parents? What do they do for their children that shows they are good parents? Here, we unlock the mystery of good parenting with a list of 8 things good parents do for their children. 1. They provide...[Read More]

Staying fit and active ‘best way to stave off dementia’

Staying active throughout adulthood could help stave off dementia though even smaller bouts of exercise may help, British research suggests. A long-term study found that people who exercise as they age are more likely to have good brain health than those who take up an...[Read More]

Satisfying relationships are good for women’s health

Toxic relationships really can be as bad for women’s health as obesity, physical inactivity or overindulging in alcohol, a study has found. According to the University of Queensland study, the secret to health and wellbeing could be a quality relationship. Lead...[Read More]

Caravan Life: 3 Key Considerations to Live Off the Grid for Longer

One of the best things about Australia is that it offers avid caravanners plenty of opportunities to live off the grid and be one with nature. And with so many camping spots in the country, you might even be lucky enough to find an inexpensive or totally free...[Read More]

Work from home can be for everyone

One of the few important things the pandemic has taught everyone is that it’s possible to be productive and earn a living from home. In fact, some companies have seen the benefits of remote working options and continue to offer them as part of their flexible working...[Read More]